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Apulia is the perfect place to fulfill a dream of love. 

I should know because I first fell in love with this land, its colors and flavors, crystal blue sea and beautiful landscapes dotted with charming villages and masserie bathed in light.

You and your sweetheart want to create the most beautiful day of your life together and I am here, at your side, to lead you hand in hand through the most exclusive locations and fascinating places where you can tie the knot.

I want to know your passions, discover your tastes and the personalities of your guests, to find the perfect mix of ingredients for a fabulous event, where every detail helps to create the magic of the moment. To be remembered forever.

Princess Apulia is the wedding planner service that I created to fulfill your wishes. A service of the highest standard. An adventure of the senses in search of stunning setting where you can fall in love really like the first time

Together we will paint a rich picture of lights, intense emotions, gastronomic delicacies, imagery, music, fun and romantic surprises, to satisfy your eyes, palate, and heart as well as those of your guests: friends and family, grandparents and grandchildren. Because everyone should feel part of an exceptional event, from the ceremony to the last dance.

The Apulia will provide stunning scenery and I will be your active guide for an event that will grow, day by day, giving shape and substance to your wildest dreams.


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a wedding planner Puglia I tell you that the Puglia is a charming region situated in the southern part; it's rich of amazing history, landscapes, tastes, traditions, and spirituality and due to these it has many to offer its visitors. Sea is one of its gold as the venue extends itself along it – amazing beaches stretch over 850km of coastline spotted with steep cliffs and white color sand beaches that'll relish each visitor, from the sandy Torre dell'Orso near to Santa Maria where the clear water of the Ionian sea joint with those of the Adriatic. Seal lovers have many options in Puglia where enjoy the amazing beach or can discover the coastline from the sea boat!

But this is not just about the sea; one more fine reason to visit this place for Apulian wedding with Princess Apulia  wedding planner is the elegance and charm of its inland towns rich of history; it's pleasant indeed to walk via history, alongside the old stone alleys, between frescoed churches as-well-as retreat excavated in the hill. For a complete immersion in tradition, Alberobello is mush, the village of the Trulli, antique and peculiar while rock round homes are unique and worth a visit.

• Wedding Venues in Puglia

Over the last few years, a lot of old residencies and farmhouses in this region have been refurbished and turned into superb Masseria​​​​​​​.

These used to be aristocrat homes and they can be compared to the Villas Puglia we find in all other Italian states. These fortified properties collection from 5-star hotels with lavishness spas, foodie restaurants and contemporary facilities to big graceful homes with stunning grounds and swimming pools. These magnificent houses are often wine and olive-oil​​​​​​​ producers where guest can flavor and purchase products. Apulian Masseria could be the ideal setting for a marriage ceremony and reception in Southern Italy,like Borgo Egnazia. 

• The message passes at first glance.

On the slopes of the Murge and the Itria valley, among white trulli, dry stone walls, vineyards and centuries-old olive groves, Borgo Egnazia ​​​​​​​speaks of the Grande Casa Puglia, expressing the beauty of a place, Savelletri di Fasano (Brindisi), in the beginning dwelling of fishermen and embroiderers, a few steps from the shores of rocks and fine sand of the Adriatic, with every detail enclosed in the reflections of its tuff stones, the local matter par excellence, cut by hand and sculpted by a metaphysical light. Its history is that of the people who have contributed to creating it, to give back to a contemporary accommodation facility of The Leading Hotels of the world, the character of a holistic experience that integrates territory, architecture and hospitality, love of nature, for the rural tradition, for the local flavors and culture

• San Vito, the abbey and its origins, center of the fraction of Polignano

"The abbey of San Vito​​​​​​​ dominates the hamlet of Polignano a Mare, fascinating and majestic."

Getting to Polignano a Mare is a unique experience for anyone, not only if you arrive on the spot for the first time. Its cliffs, combined with the white city center, have known for centuries how to make every passerby fall in love, all thanks also to the purity of its blue seas. More hidden, far from the city and the urban conglomerate, stands one of the hamlets of the municipality, commonly known as San Vito, famous in particular for its imposing Benedictine abbey, close to the coast and surrounded by the boats of the fishermen who daily face waves for work.

The panorama is really picturesque, and seems to be linked to an 8th century AD legend, which tells the story of Princess Florenza of Salerno. During a storm on the river Sele, San Vito appeared as a guide and protector, and the girl, in return, vowed to find a safe place for his remains. He landed at the pier where the abbey now stands, bringing with him the remains not only of the Saint but also of the martyrs Modesto and Crescenza, entrusting them to the Basilian monastic community, which in the past resided in the caves below the current structure.

The church dates back to the 9th century and is characterized by a classic three-nave structure, while from the sea it is possible to admire the imposing sixteenth-century loggia, flanked by three domes. Inside the abbey of San Vito it is also possible to visit a museum, on Sunday morning, where there are paintings from the first millennium, sacred vestments, the remains of a finely decorated organ. The highest point of the building is characterized by a sighting tower, probably made with protective purposes by the local monks. In June, from 14 to 16, San Vito Martire is celebrated, with the traditional procession dedicated to the saint and carried out by sea, with fireworks and musical bands. Anyone who visits the place, moreover, can bathe in its crystal clear waters, characterized by the presence of the remains of an ancient submerged submerged village.

• Romantic boat wedding at "White City", Ostuni: Salento (Apulia)

The elegant SALENTO venue in southern Apulia​​​​​​​ created it to the worldwide headlines when a famous actress Jessica Biel and a well known pop star Justin Timberlake. For a marriage by the water complete of age and character, pick Ostuni: this amazing place is regarded as an architectural jewel for its naturally white painted creations and its baroque shape churches and fortified antique walls. On the boat the sea view from up here is exceptional! For feet in the sand marriage, a lot of stylish beach clubs alongside with cost offer an exotic, a pure Hawaii style setting.
Choose any of these stunning destinations for your Romantic Wedding in Italy on a Boat that will make your marriage a memorable ceremony!

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Trullo located in Puglia is the perfect Small intimate wedding venue for couples who're looking for something a little diff for their particular day! The conventional Apulia stone house is the ideal mix among Italian complexity and contemporary elegance.

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Apulia Destination

Puglia, with golden, unspoiled beaches that appear to embrace the crystal-clear waters.The glorious scents of the sea, of traditions and culture. Those simple fragrances that the Puglia region is capable of offering. The breathtaking views and deeply rooted traditions are the perfect blend of romance and strong values.

The glorious scents of the sea, of traditions and culture. Those simple fragrances that the Puglia region is capable of offering. The breathtaking views and deeply rooted traditions are the perfect blend of romance and strong values.

Getting married in the beautiful region of Puglia means celebrating a wedding that is understated and elegant, accompanied by beautiful music and traditional dance, in a natural context with soft lighting and a refined and elegant décor. In this enchanting region, the lush colours of nature gloriously blend together to create a unique background resembling a masterpiece that has been painted using a multitude of shades.

In this enchanting region, the lush colours of nature gloriously blend together to create a unique background resembling a masterpiece that has been painted using a multitude of shades.


The wedding date has been set, but you now realize that trying to get everything organized in time is not as easy as you thought? By choosing to work with wedding planner Puglia for your Apulia wedding, you can be sure that the organization and preparations will not be as daunting and will leave you free to enjoy every aspect of your wedding day, knowing that it will be absolutely perfect!


Every couple dreams of having a perfect wedding, with special attention given to even the smallest detail. For this dream to come true, it is important to turn to a competent and serious professional who has dedicated years to the profession. The experience acquired is a guarantee that the Bride and Groom can choose a location, amongst the vast selections available, that reflects their personal tastes and desires, whether by the sea, with a sea view, or beautiful farmhouses immersed in nature. Every couple is sure to find the perfect solution for the classic setting of their dreams, while respecting their budget. Truly a wedding of their dreams!


For a wedding to be perfect and to make your day even more special, accurate care and attention must be given to even the smallest detail. In addition to the setting, which includes tables, gazebos, etc., other details such as elegant glass bowls for the "Confettata" help make the difference. You may also want to choose beautifully designed containers with an incorporated candle holder for additional charm, to blend with the dramatic backdrop created by the Pugliese landscape dotted with century old olive trees​​​​​​​, sumptuous wines, and gastronomic delights. You can select a location overlooking the sea or opt for one immersed in the bright splendor of the typical white houses characteristic to the Martina Franca area. You can choose anything your heart desires.

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I look forward to planning your special day!

The tradition of Apulian weddings

Prenuptial rites begin a few days before the ceremony
The wedding in Puglia is considered a real event to be celebrated following ancient rituals and traditions. This sacrament is considered a "supreme value" and is celebrated with joy and participation by the whole community. There are many customs that have been handed down until today and that characterize both the ceremony and the days that precede it. Apulian weddings are distinguished from the others by a strong attachment to the values ​​of the past and for a perfect and meticulous organization of every single event of the party. It is customary for the spouses to go personally to all the guests to deliver the participations to strengthen and strengthen kinship and friendship even more warmly. One of the most particular traditions concerns an event that happens a few nights before the wedding. The groom, in the company of a large group of friends and relatives, goes to the home of his future wife to dedicate a serenade to her. The surprise effect must be absolutely respected to move and amaze your loved one. This event is always planned well in advance, sometimes we resort to the help of a real orchestra to accompany the promise of love in notes or of stereo speakers to stage poignant love songs. At the end of the exhibition, the groom invites his love to take to the streets to give her the wedding present amid the applause of those present.

The rituals to follow on the wedding day

On the day of the ceremony, the guests go to the bride's house to wait for her exit, a large buffet is set up inside the house where they can look forward to the typical local cuisine consisting of typical sweets and an innumerable series of treats. At this juncture the mother-in-law gives her daughter-in-law a gold necklace that symbolizes the profound bond that will bind the two women for a lifetime. Once the bride is ready she presents herself to the guests in all her splendor, it is a very touching moment because on leaving home, accompanied by her father, she performs the ritual of cutting the white ribbon to symbolize the separation from her family of origin and the beginning of a new adventure. The Apulian traditions are respected here in full with a cheerful procession that accompanies the bride through the streets of the village towards the church. A key moment that attracts all the locals who come to admire the bride with extreme warmth. Once the wedding was celebrated, all the guests went on a procession to the place where the wedding banquet was set up.

A colorful and festive row of cars follows the car of the new husband and wife by playing the horns and trying to make as much noise as possible. This custom has very ancient origins and is linked to arcane superstitions in which it was believed that the uproar took away misfortunes and evil spirits from the new couple. After the moment of yes in the church, the banquet is one of the most important moments of all marriages in Puglia. Celebrations usually take place in the morning and the wedding lunch starts around two in the afternoon and continues until late at night. The locations are usually very suggestive thanks to the incredible variety of possibilities that Puglia offers. Masserie, castles, villas overlooking the sea, golden beaches ... There are countless places where you can celebrate a fairytale wedding party and leave a lasting impression on all the participants. The Apulian wedding menu is extremely rich and this moment represents a fundamental event to share with loved ones in a festive, joyful and hopeful atmosphere for the future. Abundant appetizers, first courses of the autochthonous cuisine, second courses of meat and fish are interspersed with moments of singing and dancing that involve all the guests, all washed down with the incredible wines produced in this splendid region and known worldwide. At this juncture the food offered becomes a real glue among all the participants to emphasize the gratitude of the spouses towards those who are celebrating them. Every link is strengthened and every situation can be moved.

One of the most touching moments and undoubtedly the bride's dance with the father between tenderness and happiness. The more the banquet will be rich and full of special effects, music and dances, the better it will be appreciated by everyone. There are two crucial moments that attract the attention of every participant, especially those still single: the launch of the bouquet and the garter. The bride recalls behind her all the guests who have not yet married and throws her bouquet of nuptial flowers backwards, whoever manages to take it will be the next to get married. Even the bridegroom performs this ritual by chastely slipping the garter from his beloved and throwing it towards the group of male bachelor guests, even in this case whoever takes the coveted fetish will soon marry according to ancient traditions of Puglia. The moment of cutting the cake is accompanied by songs and ditties of popular music and is often associated with splendid fireworks, another end of the local costume. The wedding in Puglia still has a real social and symbolic value, a party where folklore and tradition become the main elements that unite the present with the past in an atmosphere pervaded with happiness and engaging joy.


Charming hills, villages, towns, and castles for a fairytale marriage in Italy!​​​​​​​

Celebrating a marriage in southern Italy wedding venues will be as living in a fairy tale... could you feel anything more charming and romantic? Just let us know and you marriage visions and we'll be happy to guide and help you find the southern Italy wedding venues that'll suit you just remarkably!

Leave nothing to chance: advantage from the assistance of A skilled team of marriage planners: we've planned various ceremonies in the most elegant southern Italian wedding destinations and can therefore simply help you fulfilling your wishes and desires.

These wonderful towns, villages, castles, and buildings are so beautiful that we could not help falling in love with them: appealing and charming, they forever offer the complete possibility of organizing something romantic and new.

Enjoy this unique choice of venues and discover your charming and romantic southern Italy wedding venues:

We've carefully picked the ideal locations for a truly matchless, unique Italian marriage: our grooms and brides want to experience the real Italian touch and atmosphere during their life's biggest even and we, therefore, pay the enormous attention in finding the most charming and typical destinations. Every groom and bride differs from one another and every marriage is a unique, incomparable celebration that'd be tailored and thoughtfully planned: whether you would love to celebrate a little, intimate marriage or luxurious huge even, we'll help you find the ideal place for you! discover the possibilities you'll advantage from you in romantic southern Italy wedding venues!

Weddings in Puglia

Apulia is a charming place located in the southern part of Italy, it's rich of elegant landscape, tradition, history, tastes, and spirituality and due to this, it has largely to offer to its tourists. Sea is one its precious thing as the area extends itself along with it – amazing beaches stretch over 850 Km of coastline spotted with steep and cliffs and pure white sand beaches that'll relish each visitor of the Ionian sea combine with those of the Adriatic sea. For sea, lovers have various options in Apulia where to enjoy the amazing beach or discover the shoreline from the sea on a boat!

But this venue is not only about its sea: one more great reason to pick Apulia is the charm and beauties of its inland towns, villages full with history and divine tradition; it's pleasant indeed to walk through the age, along the antique stone alleys, between stunning frescoed churches and retreats excavated in the stone. For a complete immersion in conventional age, Alberobello is a much. The village of the Trulli, antique and peculiar pure while stone round homes are a unique and valuable destination for a wedding.​​​​​​​

Extraordinary Castle for a wedding in Apulia

A magical castle filled with romance in Puglia for a gorgeous weddings in Italy​​​​​​​!

This is an amazing destination with elegant gardens and historical furniture for an individual high-end ceremony in Puglia. The castle is one the most known Italian wedding venue in the location and they provide an exceptional service for the demanding couple. The area is well located near Lecce, one of the most stunning cities in Sothern Italy with such an extremely special and unique development. There're rooms for the main family as well as for guests and it's possible to stay for a minimum quantity of nights. Celebrations can last until a later time as a tradition in a weddings in Italy​​​​​​​.

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wedding planner puglia
wedding planner puglia
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"Rodolfo and I from Florida, we wanted to get married in the beautiful and almost unknown Puglia, but right from the beginning, however, we thought of the difficulties we could encounter by wanting to marry in southern Italy and above all on the other side of the world, we didn't know anyone and Elena since his first contact helped us a lot, his experience and knowledge of the area has meant that this desire became possible. A careful and attentive professional able to respond to all our doubts in a very short time.

Ours was a beautiful intimate ceremony near the sea, with a wonderful view. We will never forget our day.

We met Apulia, a land with wonderful places and excellent food, friendly people and professionals that Elena suggested to us, also very attentive to us. If you plan to get married in Puglia, we suggest it to you with your eyes closed, you will be amazed. " >>>Watch their real wedding

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